Matinades de Foc: Mornings of Fire

Les Matinades de Foc, or “Mornings of Fire” is a daytime correfoc that kicks off the Festa Major de Gràcia every year.

This event kicks off the seven-day Festa Major de Gràcia, a week of parties, parades, and FIRE. Catalans (and their Valencian cousins) practice a form of celebration known as the “correfoc” or “fire run.” These festive street parties, typically taking place after dark, feature several different “fire gangs” who each have their own drumming contingent and gangs of demons and dragons who run and dance through the plazas and streets of the neighborhood, spouting joyful fire and sound along the way. The residents of Gràcia and visitors along turn out en masse to dance along with their kids squealing as they run alongside the parade.

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