Eats: Somodó

Japan & Spain come together in delightful harmony.

Tucked behind a simple-but-elegant wooden storefront in vila de Gràcia lies a cozy 22-seat dining room where guests are treated to a selection of carefully crafted tasting menus, se llama Somodó. (Web | Facebook | Instagram | Map)

Here, Chef Toshi Suzuki brings his Japanese culture to the table, assisted by Sous chef Laura Rivas, who trained in Galicia and worked in the Basque Country before joining Chef Suzuki in the kitchen.

The kitchen is well represented by an attentive front-of-house team eager to provide exceptional service to each diner. Our server, upon noticing that I was relying on my dinner companion to relay what the server had just said, effortlessly adjusted her speaking volume and style to accommodate my hearing impairment.

We chose the Somodó menu (8 courses, €40), but we had the option of a light menu (7 courses, €36); both menus served Tuesday through Saturday evenings and Saturday lunch. Wednesdays through Fridays, national holidays excepted, the restaurant also offers a menú del día at €19.50. Wine pairings are not offered, but the restaurant offers a small, nicely curated wine list by the bottle, with some wines by the glass; we bought a bottle of food-friendly albariño, the price of which escapes me but was a good value.

On our visit, we were treated to these eight dishes:

Trout, daikon and cheese
Leek, mutabi and nori
Venison ham, edamame, wheat and hijiki
Tempura of cauliflower, salty iberian pork and anchovy
Hake, cabbage and emulsified dashi
Duroc pork kakuni
Peach and coconut
Azuki and walnut parfait